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2016-2017 Institutional Membership Form

2015-2016 Institutional Members

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Institutional Member of the Association for Jewish Studies. This membership category is intended for college and university programs and departments, research institutions, and cultural organizations that have a particular focus on Jewish Studies. The upcoming membership year runs from September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018 and has an annual fee of $1,000 for full membership and $500 for associate membership. The AJS welcomes institutional memberships from individual programs or from groups of programs within the same institution.

Founded in 1969, the Association for Jewish Studies is the major professional organization for Jewish Studies in North America. As a constituent organization of the American Council of Learned Societies, it represents the field in the larger arena of the academic study of the humanities and social sciences in North America. With more than 1800 individual members and seventy-five institutional members, the AJS provides an intellectual forum for university faculty, graduate students, independent scholars, museum and related professionals, and others. The organization's major programs and projects include an annual scholarly conference, featuring more than 190 sessions; a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, AJS Review, published by Cambridge University Press; a biannual magazine, AJS Perspectives, that explores methodological and pedagogical issues; Positions in Jewish Studies, the most comprehensive listing of Jewish Studies job opportunities; Resources in Jewish Studies, an online guide to Jewish Studies programs, grant opportunities, and professional development tools; and the Jordan Schnitzer Book Awards, Berman Foundation Dissertation Fellowships, and Legacy Heritage Public Programming Grants, which recognize outstanding research and programming in the field.

Perhaps most importantly, the AJS is singular in the services it provides for the training, apprenticeship, and launching of graduate students and recent Ph.D. recipients into their professional careers. The AJS's annual conference is the primary setting for advanced graduate students and beginning professors to first share their research and teaching strategies, and connect with colleagues in a wide and diverse scholarly milieu. The AJS also offers several grants and prizes exclusively for early career scholars, such as graduate student conference travel awards and publication subventions for first books. The AJS website ( offers extensive resources to support Ph.D. candidates and pre-tenure scholars, including the most comprehensive directory of grants and fellowships in the field; a syllabus database; a guide to dissertations-in-progress; and articles on key professional development issues, such as publishing the first book and the job interview.

Through the Institutional Membership Program, we are turning for support to the organizations, departments, and programs that benefit from the variety of professional services the AJS offers. Full Institutional Membership is open to all programs, departments, research institutions, and cultural organizations. Associate Institutional Membership is open to programs and departments that offer no higher than the B.A. or M.A. degree, and small research institutes and cultural organizations. Several programs/centers within the same institution may participate in one institutional membership.*

Benefits of Full and Associate Institutional Membership include:

  • NEW! Full Institutional Members will now be eligible to purchase bulk memberships for graduate students in affiliate departments. Instead of $35/student, Institutional Members will pay $25/student. (Please note, more than one membership has to be purchased to receive discount)
  • NEW! Full Institutional Members will receive a 10% discount on all future Distinguished Lecture Program talks and Associate Institutional Members will receive a 5% discount on all future Distinguished Lecture Program talks.
  • Listing of Institutional Members in the Annual Conference Program Book; in Perspectives, the bi-annual AJS magazine; and on the AJS website
  • Office copies of AJS Review and AJS Perspectives*
  • Fifteen percent discount off all advertisements placed in AJS Positions Bulletin, AJS Perspectives, and the Annual Conference Program Book*
  • Complimentary interview space at the AJS conference (November 15 deadline to reserve space)
  • Complimentary directory (in Excel format) of more than 160 Jewish Studies programs and departments, including names of chairs/directors, program mailing addresses, and web-links

    * Institutional memberships shared by several programs within the same institution will designate one program to receive the subscription to AJS Review and AJS Perspectives, and the 15% advertising discount.

Please download the Institutional Membership form and the list of Institutional Members for the 2015-2016 year. Do not hesitate to contact our Membership and Database Manager, Michelle Katz, if you have any questions regarding these materials. Michelle can be reached by phone (917.606.8249) or e-mail ( at the AJS office. We hope your institution will be able to play a vital and visible role in promoting Jewish Studies by joining the ranks of AJS Institutional Members.