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As the largest international learned society representing the field of Jewish Studies, AJS offers unique opportunities for advertisers and exhibitors to reach 1800+ scholars in all disciplines of Judaic studies. Advertisers interested in announcing new publications, job openings, fellowship opportunities, travel programs, and the like, may advertise in the AJS Review, AJS Perspectives, Conference Program Book, online Positions in Jewish Studies, or rent the AJS mailing list. Exhibitors interested in displaying their books, journals, organizational information and similar materials for AJS members to view may rent exhibit space at the AJS Annual Conference, which attracts over 1,100 attendees to the largest annual gathering of Jewish Studies scholars worldwide. Please see below for further information.


AJS Review, the journal of the Association for Jewish Studies

AJS Perspectives*, the magazine of the Association for Jewish Studies

Positions in Jewish Studies*, the online positions bulletin

AJS Mailing List, of AJS membership

AJS Conference Program Book*


Information on exhibiting at the AJS Annual Conference may be found here.


Information on many sponsorship opportunities available at the AJS Annual Conference may be found here.

*AJS Institutional Members receive a 15% discount off most advertising placed in Positions in Jewish Studies, AJS Perspectives, and the Annual Conference program book. To learn more about AJS Institutional Membership, please click here.